The Start

It’s time to leave the armchair and the seed catalogues, the glossy books , gardening magazines and notebook with vague lists and sketches and start the real work !!! The seeds have all arrived and been sorted into piles of veg and flower, perennial and annual …. ones to be planted first, ones to wait and the odd few that need to be in the fridge or freezer [probably best to find the ones that are still there from last year, forgotten amongst the frozen peas and bags of summer fruit ]

The greenhouse has been organised, potted plants overwintered with the luxury of night time warmth moved into the unheated greenhouse – fingers crossed the temperatures won’t plummet ! Seed trays washed, labels, marker pen, compost and vermiculite waiting for action. Won’t take the bubble wrap down just yet …


I overwinter lots of my potted plants in the greenhouse, not because they are tender but to protect them from the many creatures that seem to think we are the Farthing Wood Take Out for Herefordshire … Rabbits, Pheasant, Mice …. The pheasants peck at those delicious new shoots, even if they don’t want them, Heuchera seem to be a favourite, they use my Stipa Tenuissima for nesting … having said that so does my cat … his life’s ambition at this time of year is to move into the greenhouse … all those wonderful seed trays … a bed or a toilet … side by side … what more could a cat want ?


Every year I vow I won’t buy so many seeds – too expensive, not as many seeds as there used to be ….but it’s so tempting … all those catalogues, list upon list of wondrous sounding plants, beautiful pictures and mouth watering descriptions… always disappointing somehow when seed packets ordered on line come without the pictures ! I can’t even trust the seeds I take myself – I order them as well – ‘just in case …’

For me this is the true start of the gardening year – the odd bit of pruning, sweeping up leaves and general tidying belongs to last year … This heralds winter closing … I never cease to wonder how that tiny little seed can produce something beautiful in such a short time ….

The year begins !!!!




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