New Beginnings

Every day I walk across to the greenhouses and open the doors with trepidation … I have fingers crossed that the temperatures didn’t dip more than forecast the night before, that it wasn’t too hot and I will find dried out seed trays and that Mrs.Mouse and her new family haven’t move in  when I wasn’t looking …. it would also be quite nice if things had started growing !


It’s encouraging to see a ‘greenness’ take over as seeds break open and tiny shoots push through the soil.There are decisions to be made – when to unplug the night time electric heater [ designed to be used when temperatures drop below freezing ].When to remove the cling film on the seed trays [used to help preserve moisture initially ]. What can be put outside to make room for all those new new seedlings that will need pricking out? Is it time to take the bubblewrap away and allow more light … or do I need it for just a little longer ?

I have a tendency to sow seeds too early, before it is really warm enough – I just can’t wait … and I never learn … so it is always a relief to see those tiny specs of green appearing. Then I worry they will be eaten, wilt or dry out … It’s a stressful time of year for a gardener.

I have been searching for days for a small packet of Fagopyrum dibotrys seed I had dutifully placed in my fridge three weeks ago … for once, I thought, I will follow the instructions on the label … I know I did … didn’t I ? I even put the date in my diary when  I needed to retrieve them … so very efficient . Fridge contents  emptied and no seed packet  [it did make me clean my fridge … ]

Lying in bed I suddenly remembered where they were … in a mustard jar, with vermiculite … seemed a brilliant idea when I saw it in a gardening magazine … just looked  like a multigrain mustard, a little grey admittedly, but at a quick glance … well camouflaged amongst the condiments … my partner says he didn’t put it in the pork and apple casserole …


The greatest joy at this time of year is just to walk around the garden and see what is unfurling …. it’s very exciting ! And each day it changesDSC_0835.jpg



New beginnings everywhere – so very reassuring somehow !

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