Less than a week …..



Less than a week until the garden opens … and there is so much to do ! Blades of grass to polish, gravel to grade, petals to preen, edges to straighten – you get the picture ! An ever growing list … neatness has never been my strong point – so it’s hard work – on every level !



Mr & Mrs are ready ….obviously having no affect whatsoever on scaring the local birds and small furry creatures that roam the garden hoping for a tasty snack



The garden changes rapidly at this time of year , it has a freshness that only happens now…. it’s the foliage that takes main stage …. clusters of flowers add splashes of colour, but it’s the greens that dominate. The garden doesn’t have height just yet, no walls to the rooms, but the structure is more visible.

We decided to open over a long season mainly because I couldn’t pick any single day that I could nominate as the ‘probably perfect’ … We live at the end of a long single track with very few passing places and parking is limited. We knew we couldn’t do weekend openings and risk large numbers of visitors, we hoped for a manageable  ‘trickle’ of visitors over the two afternoons. Local people have the chance of seeing how the garden changes through the summer with a season ticket and the garden would be a pleasanter place for  visitors to enjoy afternoon tea with smaller numbers.

I now plant for us and the visitors – I found myself thinking that I couldn’t plant something that would be dying back and taking space in ‘Visitors time’ … problem was that the garden felt like it wasn’t actually mine anymore … I am looking at the alliums now and suspect they won’t be looking so good by next week …. however the bees are loving them now … and so are we !DSC_1061 2.jpgDSC_0502.jpg

The bees also love the Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Millerton Point… it buzzes in the sun, you can hear it as you walk through the garden …. IMG_4288.JPG

Lupins are peaking too early – they like it here ! They like  in our soil. This pink one has self seeded in a purple bed and is looking so happy I can’t move it !

DSC_1053.jpgThings have a habit of growing and thriving where they weren’t intended – a pink Dictamnus is growing in the middle of Lupinus ‘Noble Maiden’ …  in the white terrace, well, the white terrace that has lime greens and blues … and now a dash of pink …DSC_1072.JPG


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